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Sungai Lembing is an old mining town located 45 km northwest of Kuantan. At one time, it had the second largest tin deposits after Bolivia and was also known for having the world's longest and deepest underground tin mines. Sungai Lembing was the wealthiest town in the state of Pahang and was known as the El Dorado of the East. The history of tin mining activities has left a significant heritage that deserves preservation. For this reason, the main attraction is the restoration of the tin mine tunnels. Kuantan has made great efforts to preserve, maintain, and revitalize the precious historical site of Sungai Lembing. The mine provides visitors with a history of tin mining through interactive and virtual reality experiences. They can experience the excitement of entering the underground tunnels and see how the miners worked. The 1.2 km pedestrian tunnel offers various attractions, including Queen Shaft, A Million Holes, souvenir shops, sculpture displays, simulators, and exhibition halls. Meanwhile, Bell Henning Garden showcases the gathering place of miners, supervisor's office, mining pools, and a steam locomotive.

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