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Experience the vibrant urban tourism and recreational scene that now takes center stage in Kuantan City. Nestled in the heart of Kuantan lies Esplanade Benteng Park, an inviting oasis for visitors. Stretching along the Kuantan River, this picturesque park boasts a scenic 1-kilometer walkway, offering a tranquil ambience for leisurely strolls. On the opposite bank of the river stands a prominent sign proudly displaying the name KUANTAN'. Renowned as a popular spot for morning and evening jogs, the park truly comes alive during nighttime with thrilling fishing competitions. Adjacent to the Kuantan River, the park also offers the captivating the Kuantan River Cruise service, allowing you to marvel at eagles, copper crocodiles, and the mesmerizing saltwater mangrove forests at the river mouth. Beyond its role as a haven for family leisure, this park serves as a vibrant hub for various annual events and activities, including jogging, cycling, and fishing competitions. As per historical accounts, this very location is believed to have been the initial settlement site of the city's inhabitants, who are said to have migrated from the Kuantan region in Sumatra.

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